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Chairman Yan Yu Attended the 30 Years Innovation and Development Conference of Yunnan Provincial Private Entrepreneurs Association
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October 10, 2019 China-Global Project Festival (Kunming Station) and the 30-years innovation and development conference of Yunnan provincial private entrepreneurs association held in Kunming. Business officials from 12 countries around the world and nearly 1,000 representatives of private entrepreneurs from Yunnan attended the meeting to open a conference on innovation and development with joint consultation, co-construction, shared policy communication, facilities connectivity, smooth trade, financing and people-to-people connectivity. Yan Yu, vice president of Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association and chairman of Shining Star Group, was invited to attend.

The meeting pointed out that Yunnan, as China's radiation center for South and Southeast Asia, is an important channel connecting eight countries in South Asia and 10 countries in Southeast Asia. Yunnan is the core hub of more than half of the world's population and the south gate of China's "Belt and Road Initiative". In-depth "promoting the construction of Belt and Road Initiative" is a major decision made to adapt to the global development pattern, and is of vital importance to comprehensively developing and sharing with countries along the route, mutually beneficial cooperation, and speeding up the development of China's central and western regions.

"At present, private enterprises have caught up with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." Hua Zefei, president of the Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association, spoke at the conference. Since its establishment 30 years ago, the Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association has grown from a private science and technology industrialist association with only a few dozen member units to more than 1,000 member units. It covers all the fields of private economy in Yunnan Province and plays an important role in the process of economic construction in Yunnan Province. Over the past 30 years, the Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association has always taken the promotion of the Yunnan business spirit as the foundation of its development, with the aim of building bridges between government and enterprises and creating a home for private enterprises, so as to provide pragmatic and efficient services for private entrepreneurs in the province. 

Zhou Keren, former vice minister of commerce and trade of the people's Republic of China, delivered an important speech at the meeting. He said that the "Belt and Road Initiative" conforms to the general trend of economic globalization and informatization. It has a great and far-reaching impact on the economic development of our country. The state actively promotes trade liberalization and facilitation, which will play an important role in the development of import and export trade. It is particularly important for enterprises to change their thinking and find new ways of development.

Yan Yu, chairman of Shining Star Group, shared the group's overseas investment projects and experience at the meeting. "Shining Star Group can be said to be a practitioner of Yunnan private entrepreneurs  ‘Belt and Road Initiative’  going out," he said. The Group's first overseas investment project in Myanmar, the 130000 square meter urban complex Kantharyar Center Yangon, has been operating steadily. Of course, the project is inseparable from the support of the innovative financial policies of the Construction Bank of China. The second project is the Mandalay Gold AYA Motors Project in Myanmar, which has been put into production. The third project is the Dara Sakor Happy Home Master Resort, which is invested in Cambodia. In addition, we have mining investment projects in Bolivia in South America and Congo in Africa, as well as salt investment in Uganda in Africa. At the same time, the group also negotiating relevant cooperation projects in Australia, Indonesia and other countries. Generally speaking, the Group mainly investment in the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ country and region. As long as private entrepreneurs dare to go out firmly and choose good projects, especially in the current major policy environment, coupled with the current financial policy of the banks, it is the best time to go out development. "

During the same period of the meeting, the 2019 China Global Project Festival (Kunming Station) was officially launched, and a cooperation and exchange platform was set up with business officials of more than 150 "Belt and Road Initiative" countries to help Chinese private enterprises really "go out" of good projects. Bring in good projects in countries along the "Belt and Road Initiative" route. At the scene of the meeting, in order to build up the confidence in the development of private enterprises, encourage private enterprises to develop in groups, and better contribute to the great-leap-forward development of Yunnan's economy, the Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association specially set up various industry committees and gave the license at the meeting.

The meeting was sponsored by Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association and China Commercial Joint-stock Enterprise Economic Federation, and co-organized by Yunnan Branch of China Construction Bank.

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