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Yangon Kantharyar Centre Held Soft Opening Celebrations

The Soft Opening Ceremony of Kantharyar Centre was held in the Banquet Hall of Wyndham Grand Yangon Royal Lake Hotel on October 26. Yan Yu, Chairman of Shining Star Group, U Aung Myint, President of Asia Myanmar Consortium Development Company (AMCD), members of Board of Directors of Asia Myanmar Shining Star Investment Company (AMSS), senior executives of Shining Star Group attended the ceremony. Representatives of Hong Kong Shining Star Investment Company (HKSS), AMCD, and AMSS, as well as all staff of Kantharyar Centre joined the event.

The Soft Opening Ceremony started with warm applause at local time 11:28. To begin with, Mr. Yan Yu, Chairman of Shining Star Group, delivered a welcome speech to all guests. "Kantharyar Centre collected the painstaking effort of our outstanding team. We are dedicated to make Wyndham Grand Yangon Royal Lake Hotel the most luxury hotel in Yangon and even in whole Myanmar. The time of our trip in Yangon coincided with the Thadingyut Festival. Many of our employee still worked during the festival and provided thoughtful services to us. I would like to take this occasion to express my sincere thanks to them", he said. 

The working attitude of warm-hearted, positive, and dedicated is worthy to be carrying forward, Chairman said. He hopes that all staff keep on make joint efferts to build an outstanding team and welcome the official opening of Kantharyar Centre with new look. 

Later on, the President of Asia Myanmar Consortium Development Company (AMCD), Mr. U Aung Myint made a speech. He expressed his gratitude to Shining Star Group, "It is a great honor to cooperate with Shining Star Group for the Kantharyar Centre project. Under the guidance of Shining Star Group, the project team has overcame many difficulties and successfully completed the construction of Kantharyar Centre. In Yangon, there are few projects that can be completed in such a short time and provide good environment and services. Kantharyar Centre created such a miracle. Kantharyar Centre will become a landmark building in Yangon and add a beautiful scenery to Yangon Royal Lake." 

A video clip was broadcasted during the ceremony to share all the guests with the transition of Kantharyar Centre. It showed overwhelming visual experiences and also gathered the sense of mission of all project personnel. Any small transformation of the project is closely related to the efforts of all the project personnel. 

In warm applause, Mr. Yan Yu, Mr. U Aung Myint, and members of the Board of Directors of AMSS took the stage for the cake unite ceremony. Mr. Yan Yu and Mr. U Aung Myint put two cakes into one, which implies that both parties will work together and achieve win-win cooperation. At the same time, they wish the Kantharyar Centre a prosperous future and complete success. 

Then, Aung San Tint, the HR Director of Wyndham Grand Yangon Royal Lake Hotel, made a speech on behalf of whole staff. He said, the Kantharyar Centre has become one of the famous large-scale complex projects in Yangon, with superior geographical location and complete facilities and services. While creating economic benefits, it provides more than 500 employees with job opportunities and future development. "All staff will not abuse the trust of Group's leaders and will work together to create a better future for the project. Adhering to the concept of customer-oriented, we will shine the brightest in Yangon with our customer's smiles - Kantharyar Centre." 

In the awarding process, Chairman Yan and Directors of AMSS came to the stage to award honorary certificates to outstanding employees, encouraging them to make more efforts and achieve better results. During the following luncheon, hotel staffs brought many performance to the guests, such as Myanmar traditional song and dance performance, workwear show, flash mob dance and so on to the guests, and won warm applause from the audiences. The lucky draw in between the performances pushed the atmosphere of the event to another climax. The winners received prizes such as buffet coupons, set menu coupons of Thai Restaurant, and hotel accommodation coupons, etc. 

At the end of the celebration, the host invited the Chairman Yan, President U Aung Myint, directors of AMSS, and the management team of Shining Star Group to take group pictures on the stage. The celebration ended in a joyous atmosphere. 


2018 Zhaotong Gastrodia Elata (Beijing) Promotion Meeting Successfully Concluded

On Oct. 10, the "2018 Zhaotong Gastrodia Elata (Beijing) Promotion Meeting and the International Summit of Zhaotong Gastrodia Elata Industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "Promotion Meeting") was held in China National Convention Center. It attracted nearly 300 participants that are government leaders, experts and scholars, industry elites and business representatives. The Promotion Meeting was sponsored by Gastrodia Elata Speciality Bureau of Zhaotong City, Shining Star Group's Shenzhen Maofeng Science and Technology Investment and Development Co., Ltd., the Institute of Medicinal Plant Development (IMPLAD) of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and so on. 

At the meeting, Yang Wenzhi, CEO of Shenzhen Maofeng Science and Technology Investment and Development Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech during the meeting. Mr. Yang briefly introduced the investment and development direction of Shenzhen Maofeng Company, analyzed the problems and countermeasures in the development of Gastrodia Elata industry, and shared the development path and plans of Gastrodia elata industry with the participants. Subsequently, on behalf of Shenzhen Maofeng Company, Mr. Yang signed a cooperation framework agreement with Professor Lan Jin, on behalf of the Institute of Medicinal Plant Development (IMPLAD) of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to jointly promoted the industrialization of Gastrodia Elata. 

With the joint efforts of all parties, Zhaotong Gastrodia Elata has become one of the China Geographical Indication Product. 

The purpose of the Promotion Meeting is to promote the development of Zhaotong Gastrodia Elata, promote Zhaotong to build the best production and supply base for breed, mycena and Armillaria mellea. It will promote Zhaotong to become the largest processing base of organic Gastrodia Elata products and accelerate the industrialization, standardization, informationization and branding of Gastrodia Elata industry. 


Kantharyar Centre Held Grand Celebration for 61st National Day, 85th Armed Forces Day of Malaysia, and 60th Anniversary of Malaysia-Myanmar Friendship

Grand celebration for 61st National Day, 85th Armed Forces Day of Malaysia, and 60th Anniversary of Malaysia-Myanmar Friendship was held in Kantharyar Centre on the evening of Oct. 12. Union Minister for Construction U Han Zaw, Deputy Minister for Information U Aung Hla Tun, Hluttaw Speaker U Tin Maung Tun, Secretary General of Urban Development Department of Yangon Daw Hlaing Maw OO, and Malaysian Ambassador to Myanmar H.E. Mr. Zahairi Baharim attended the 61st National Day and 85th Armed Forces Day of Malaysia and the 60th anniversary of Malaysia-Myanmar Friendship Celebration. GM of Asia Myanmar Shining Star Investment Co., Ltd. (AMSS) Li Jifeng, Director of AMSS U Kyaw Khaing and U Nyein Aung, GM of Wyndham Grand Yangon Royal Lake Hotel Felix J. Patrick participated the event also. 

Firstly, the ceremony was opened with national anthems of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and Malaysia. Then, Malaysian Ambassador to Myanmar H.E. Mr. Zahairi Baharim and Union Minister U Han Zaw delivered messages of greetings. Next, Union Minister and Malaysian Ambassador cut a cake commemorating Malaysia’s 61st National Day and 60th anniversary of Malaysia-Myanmar Friendship and took a documentary photo with guests in attendance after which the Ambassador and his wife hosted a dinner for the guests. 

During the activity, on behalf of AMSS, Director Kyaw Khaing and U Nyein Aung sent the gift to Malaysian Ambassador Mr. Zahairi Baharim and took group photo. 

Senior Tatmadaw Officials, Foreign Ambassadors to Myanmar, representatives from UN organizations and invited guests attended the ceremony. 


Yan Yu was Invited to Deliver a Speech on Training Program for Chinese Professional Managers

Between Sep. 15 to 17, Yunnan Special Training Class of Chinese Professional Managers was held in the Lecture Hall of Yunnan Association for Science &. Technology. Mr. Yan Yu, Chairman of Shining Star Group, was invited to deliver a speech on the theme of enterprise management and professional managers. He presented his understanding and expectations of professional managers from the aspects of job application, professional competence, job deployment, strategy making, and so on. In the part of equity incentive and company listing, Chairman Yan shared a variety of positive incentive strategies with the participant, as well as how to prepare for listing. 

In the sharing part, Chairman Yan shared many examples that professional managers should consider and ponder, such as with examples of Ram Charan, Zhou Jintao,, Ma Yun, and so on. The right direction would shining more brilliantly in the company of right working methods. 

In the final question session, the audiences enthusiastically asked questions to Chairman Yan, such as the prospect of the property market in Kunming, the strengths and weaknesses of Yunnan enterprises, and so on. Chairman Yan answered all questions patiently with humor. 

It is reported that the special training class is jointly sponsored by China Association for Professional Managers and Yunnan Private Entrepreneurs Association, undertook by Kunming Professional Managers Association, co-sponsored by Chinese Private Technology Entrepreneur Association, Yunnan Professional Managers Association and Kunming Trainers Association. The middle and high-level executives of Shining Star Group participated in the training. 


The Glorious Cause, a Continuous Journey——A Record of the Shining Star Group's Charity Activity in Xinxing College

On the afternoon of Sep. 6, the Award Ceremony of the Shining Star Group's "Dream Starting" Scholarship was held at the 2018 Freshmen's Military Training Feedback Performance and Semester Opening Ceremony of Yunnan Xinxing Vocational College (hereinafter referred to as Xinxing College). 

More than 6000 freshmen from all over Yunnan Province conducted the Feedback Performance after 15 days of military training. MS. Yang Weihua, of Shining Star Group, Xu Zhijun, GM of Administration and HR Centre, Luo Jun, President of Labor Union, and Liang Chao, GM of Inkyness Maternity Hospital, and other guests of the Group were invited to attend the ceremony and sit in the rostrum. 

After the Feedback Performance, it is the time for the Award Ceremony. During 2017-2018 academic year, there are eight students was awarded "Dream Starting" Scholarship for their outstanding achievements in the year. To begin with, on behalf of Shining Star Group, Ms. Yang Weihua, delivered a speech to freshmen in the hope that each student would have a pleasant and enriched life in Xinxing College. Teachers and students were invited to come to Inkyness Maternity Hospital for observation and communication with each other. 

Then, the leaders of Shining Star Group awarded scholarships of 4,000 Yuan per person to the scholarship winners. It is reported that there are also 24 students were awarded the "Dream Starting" Fellowship which will be distributed to poor students monthly in the future until the students graduate. 

After the ceremony, under the accompany of Vice President Li, the participants of Shining Star Group visited Xinxing College and observed the ICU simulation room, simulation operating room, maternal and infant nursing room and other simulation training classrooms. The combination of simulator and high-tech can help students apply the knowledge of textbook in to practice. 

Yunnan Xinxing Vocational College was founded to give priority to the pharmaceutical and medical industries. During the visit, the leaders of Group and the College expressed the willing to carry out more in-depth cooperation, increase exchanges and visits and keep in close contact in order to cultivate more medical and nursing personnel. 

While seeking comprehensive and diversified development, Shining Star Group does not forget its social responsibility, and always pays close attention to public welfare and charity cause. The first batch of 24 students will enjoy financial assistance until they graduate. 

In the future, the group will continue to carry forward the glorious tradition of "helping the poor" and subsidize poor students through various channels and forms to help them complete their studies. 

This is another charity activity after Shining Star Group donated money to build 6 Star Talk Glory Schools. 

"Acquiring from and giving back to the society", Shining Star Group has been and will practice continuously. 


Shining Star Group Held Group Staff Meeting on Enterprise Culture

On the afternoon of Aug. 30, the Group Staff Meeting on Enterprise Culture organized by the Administration and HR Centre was held in the conference room. Yan Jin, Vice President of Shining Star Group, Wang Hailong, Assistant to Group Chairman, Ma Jun, Assistant to Chairman and GM of Operation Management Centre, Chen Jing, GM of Financial Management Centre, Xu Zhijun, GM of Administration and HR Centre, as well as all staff at various levels of the Group attended the meeting. 

Xu Zhijun, GM of Administration and HR Centre, mentioned in his speech that the group rarely held such a staff meeting in the past. In the future, he expect all staff of the Group to welcome the new working environment with new mental attitude. After moving to the new building, he hopes everyone can pay more attention to expressions and manners, with a higher standard of their own, Cherish office facilities and equipment and utilize them reasonably. At the same time, Mr. Xu proposed to restore the Employee Birthday Party from next month to celebrate the birthday of the employees by month. 

Then, Luo Jun, Director of HR Department, shared some requirements for staff speech and manners with audiences, such as smiling and nodding, using appropriate language, letting dignitaries get in elevator earlier, keeping the desk tidy and so on. At the same time, she proposed to add an exchange function in the staff rest area, hoping that employees can donate some books spontaneously and place in the staff rest area for learning and exchange.

Next, Zhao Liping, Manager of the Administration Department, puts forward several expectations for company environment building, such as turn off facilities like computer, air conditioner, water dispenser after work, use the elevator properly to save electricity, print materials on both sides, show respect to cleaning and security personnel, pay attention to the use of restroom and so on. When there is some problems happened, please contact with Administration Department immediately. She also mentioned that the group plans to add two new copiers. After the installation, she hopes everyone use with care. 

Ma Jun, Assistant to Chairman and GM of Operation Management Centre, expressed support for the convening of the meeting. He encourages all staff to have a new attitude in the new environment. The functional departments should upgrade the management standards, especially pay attention to the safety of the office area, and further strengthen the management of the reception desk. 

Finally, when introducing the group's strategic vision and planning to employees, Yan Jin, Vice President of Group said: "10 billion Yuan in three years, 30 billion Yuan in five years, 50 billion Yuan in seven years and 100 billion Yuan in 10 years" is the strategic development goals formulated by the group leaders after many discussions. They are magnificent and arduous. It is inseparable from the hard work of every employee. We hope that all the employees can work together to achieve this great goal. 

It is reported that the Administration and HR Centre will inspect the office area from time to time to supervise everyone keep the desktop tidy, develop good working habits and build a good environment of the new office area.


Group Leaders Attend the Inauguration Ceremony of Mr. Zahangir Alam in Bangladesh

On Sep. 4, at the invitation of Mr. Zahangir Alam, Mayor of Gazipur City Cooperation, Bangladesh, and entrusted by Yan Yu, Chairman of Shining Star Group, Yan Jin, Vice President of the Group, and Wang Hailong, Assistant to Group Chairman, attended the inauguration ceremony of Mr. Zahangir Alam in Bangladesh at local time 4:00 p.m. and took a seat in the front of the rostrum. This is another meeting between senior executives of Shining Star Group and the mayor of Gazipur District within a week’s time. 

Yan Jin, Vice President of Shining Star Group, and Wang Hailong, Assistant to Group Chairman, met with Mr. Zahangir Alam on the morning of Sep. 5, and exchanged in-depth views on the promotion of urban operational cooperation and the joint construction of Bangladesh-China Economic Cooperation Comprehensive Pilot Zone. 

After the meeting, Mayor Mr. Zahangir Alam went to the airport to see them off. 


Warm congratulations to Shining Star Group Relocate to New Office Building

On August 20, 2018, Shining Star Group relocated to the new office building. 

At about 9:00 a.m., under the witness of the senior executives of Shining Star Group and it's subsidiaries, the first truck contained with goods in the former office area begins to unloaded in the sound of firecrackers. Then, Chairman Yan inspected the new office area together with all senior executives of Shining Star Group and it's subsidiaries. 

The new office of Shining Star Group is the 24th floor of Shining Star Four Seasons Hot Spring Hotel, which is located in New Asia Athletics Park between Xingdu Headquarters and Happy Castle International Hotel, where you may enjoy the beautiful view of the whole New Asia Athletics Park. Fashionable and simple interior design and decoration, clean and tidy office environment, staff lounge and guest waiting area with humanistic care, sufficient lighting, advanced water and air conditioning system, all of which improved the office environment and also improved the work efficiency. The design of the rest area is particularly noteworthy. Bright colors, lively design, with staff-oriented refrigerator, microwave ovens, beverage machines, bar chairs and other facilities making the staff lounge a place for refresh, rest and relieve fatigue. 

In addition, the enterprise culture exhibition hall is another highlight, in which you will have a overall understanding of Shining Star Group from six points, the enterprise overview, founders introduction, company list, industry introduction, corporate social responsibility and enterprise honors. The 6.6 square meter LED screen will be mainly used to broadcast group promotional video. The dark blue ceiling of the stars and the name of Shining Star add radiance and beauty to each other. The most unforgettable part would be the display wall of enterprise honors. About one hundred medals, trophy and certificates were carefully pick out among hundreds of honors Shining Star Group had got over the years. It fully demonstrated the recognition of the government and the community. 

The relocation work is under the dispatch of Administration and HR Centre. Each department has arranged a person in the old office area to inspect the loading work. In the new office area, the Administration Department has arranged another person to guide the porters to move the goods to the corresponding area. To avoid wear and tear of the floor, the staff of Group also prepared carpets and cartons in the lobby, in the elevator hall and the main corridor, both protected the ground and reduced noises. 

After the relocation of the articles, everyone began to collect personal belongings. Clean the desk, install the computer, put the files and arrange the cabinet, everyone helps each other. After an afternoon of sorting, all personal belongings has put in place to fully guarantee the works of the next day. 

The new environment is a new starting point. The staff of Shining Star Group will create better and higher performances for the development of the Group. 


Shining Star Group Signed MOU with Gazipur District of Bangladesh on City Comprehensive City Operation

Mr. Zahangir Alam and his team visited Shining Star Group from Aug. 27 to 29 for the communication and discussion on the cooperation of comprehensive city operation. 

At about 9:00 a.m. on Aug. 28, the meeting between the two parties officially started. Firstly, Yan Yu, Chairman of Shining Star Group introduced the overall planning and design of the proposed area to the Mayor and his team members including the distribution and sketch maps of thirteen functional areas, such as schools, residential buildings, hospitals, industrial parks, cultural centers and city parks, as well as the planning and sketch maps of the main road network.Then, the Department of Design and Cost broadcasted a video of the proposed area to all audiences. In the combination of animation and text, the video displayed the overall planning and effect of the proposed area. After listening to the plan, Mr. Mayor and his team had in-depth communication with the senior management of Shining Star Group and Design Department on the design plan.

After many discussions and exchanges in the afternoon, the two sides reached an agreement on the contents of the Memorandum of Understanding on comprehensive cooperation and the preliminary work plan. At about 5:00 p.m., under the witness of the senior management of Shining Star Group and the subsidiaries, on behalf of Gazipur, Mr. Mayor formally signed the MOU with the Chairman of Yan Yu of Shining Star Group.

After the Signing Ceremony, the Chairman of Shining Star Group Mr. Yan Yu made a brief speech. He said that he has acquainted with Mr. Mayor for more than two years, and he believes that Mr. Mayor has the ability and strength to achieve his grand plans. He hopes that the two sides will set up an efficient collaborative team as soon as possible in order to promote the development and implementation of all works. After the formal signing, Shining Star Group will integrate its domestic and foreign resources and build a capital platform to assist Mr. Mayor's grand plan. We will provide comprehensive services to make Gazipur to be the most beautiful and passionate place where all Bangladesh people want to work, study and live. 

Mr. Zahangir Alam said that Bangladesh is not a wealthy country, but he hopes that with the help of Chairman Yan, the situation in Gazipur will gradually being improved. He is confident in the cooperation with Shining Star Group.Mr. Mayor also invited senior executives of Shining Star Group to attend the Inauguration Ceremony on Sep. 4 in Bangladesh.

Mr. Mayor and his team ended the entire journey and back to Bangladesh on Aug. 29. It is reported that after assume office, Mr. Mayor will lead a team of relevant departments and leaders to visit Shining Star Group again for in-depth exchanges on detailed cooperation issues.

The signing of the MOU not only adds another shining point to Shining Star Group's overseas exploration, but also demonstrates the Group's ability and strength in transnational project construction and operation. 


Shining Star Group Held Semi-Annual Work Meeting

On Aug. 2 to 3, Shining Star Group and its centres, departments and subsidiaries held semi-annual work meeting in the meeting room. Yan Jin, Vice President, Ma Jun, Assistant of Chairman and GM of Operation Management Centre, Chen Jing, GM of Financial Management Centre, Xu Zhijun, GM of Administration and HR Centre, Zhou Qin, GM of Audit and Supervision Centre, Song Min, Director of Cost and Design Department, as well as the related reporter of all subsidiaries attended the meeting. 

During the meeting, Star Talk Company, Kaiwei Property Management, Shining Star Athletics Company, Kunming Inkyness Maternity Hospital, Hong Kong Shining Star Investment, AMSS, Kantharyar Centre, Gold AYA Motors, Decoration Company , Dian Merchant Capital and Shining Star Hospital reported their management and working situation in the meeting and analyzed the reasons for the unfinished tasks. For the expectation to simplify the approval process and further improve working efficiency, group leaders gave a positive response that it will be solved as soon as possible to fully support the implementation of all subsidiaries and projects. 

The semi-annual work meeting not only will benefit the companies and projects to review the works have done in the first half of 2018, and also clear up working plan in the second half of the year and ensure achieving the annual business goal smoothly.


Japan Comprehensive Health Delegation Visited Shining Star Group

On July 22 to 25, a Japan comprehensive health delegation visited Shining Star Group, among which were experts from Gangben Health, Hitachi Health (under top 500 global integrated multinational group Hitachi Group) and AiMed Company. 

The delegation visited the Inkyness Maternity Hospital, Shining Star Hospital of the First People's Hospital of Kunming and Star World Tower B and other local representative health care projects, during which they had a preliminary understanding of the Group's plans in comprehensive health industry. Subsequently, members of the inspection team, Mr. Kimura, Mr. Tateishi, Mr. Kusano and other high-level leaders of Shining Star Group held meetings on the situation of the inspection and future cooperation. Yan Yu, Chairman of Shining Star Group, Yan Jin, Vice President, leaders of Inkyness Maternity Hospital, Liang Chao, Vice President of Administration of Shining Star Hospital, and related person of the Group and subsidiaries attended the meeting. 

After the inspection, the delegation team left Kunming on the morning of July 25.Later on, Mr. Liu Ming of Gangben Health conveyed the gratitude of the members of the Japanese delegation to the Group, and said that the visit not only made the delegation members feel the hospitality of Yunnan people, but also understood the strength and power of the Shining Star Group, which is conducive to further exchanges and cooperation. He hope to make contributions to the development of Yunnan's comprehensive health industry together with Shining Star Group. 


Kunming Inkyness Maternity Hospital Held Grand Opening Ceremony on July 20

After 25 years of accumulation and 2 years planning, Shining Star Group made another landmark project. The Kunming Inkyness Maternity Hospital held grand opening ceremony on July 20. 

The gate of Inkyness Maternity Hospital was full of guests and customers. Yan Yu, Chairman of Shining Star Group, Yan Jin, Vice President of Shining Star Group, Gou Yuewen, Representative of Shareholders, Liu Guocheng, Assistant of Chairman, Ma Jun, Assistant of Chairman and GM of Operation Management Centre of Shining Star Group, Chen Jing, GM of Financial Management Centre, Xu Zhijun, GM of Administration and HR Centre, Song Min, Director of Cost and Design Department, Liu Yi, Party Secretary an President of Labor Union, Lu Kun, GM of Financing Department of Dian Merchant Capital, Zhang Yan, Vice President of Business of Shining Star Hospital, Liang Chao, Vice President of Administration of Shining Star Hospital, as well as head of all subsidiaries attend the opening ceremony. Zuo Guilin, Chairman and CEO of Xixi Maternity and Infant Care Service Co., Ltd., Fei Xiaomin, Vice CEO and Manager of Business Department, and Jiang Baolin, Director of National Care, participated the ceremony at invitation. 

At the beginning, five boys played jazz drum to warm up the spot. Then, Huang Hang, Executive President of Inkyness Maternity Hospital, went to the stage to deliver welcome speech, and briefly introduced the overview of Inkyness Maternity Hospital. 

Later on, under the guidance of Huang Rong, Vice President of Business of Inkyness Maternity Hospital, doctors and nurses went to stage. On behalf of all staff of Inkyness Maternity Hospital, they took a solemn oath that they will try their best to remove illness and pain from patients, take the health of patients as top priority; uphold the basic principle of patients' first, extend the same treatment to all; sincerely serve every patients with responsibility; strictly protect the privacy of patients, respect the division-making power of patients and their family after being fully informed." Every word and sentence are the responsibility and mission of all staffs. 

Zuo Guilin, Chairman and CEO of Xixi Maternity and Infant Care Service Co., Ltd, delivered his best wishes to the opening of Inkyness Maternity Hospital and Xixi Confinement Care Centre. "The cooperation between Shining Star and Xixi will bring good news to all women and children in Yunnan Province. High-level service, advanced equipment and excellent management will bring love to more people", he said. After the speech, he send the opening present to Chairman Yan. 

Afterwards, Yan Yu, Chairman of Shining Star Group, made important speech on the ceremony. He said, "the basic reason for Inkyness Maternity Hospital use 2-year to fully start business is we have supreme requirements." As it's known to all, Shining Star start out in real estate development. But in the future, we will pursuit diversified development. Medical and health care, cultural tourism, and energy industries will be the main direction. In the field of medical and health care, Shining Star Group has invested a series of Start-up Company, involving quantifying health and decoding biotechnology, etc. Inkyness Maternity Hospital is a milestone for Shining Star Group, marking Shining Star Group made a solid step forward in its medical and health care development. From Inkyness Maternity Hospital, the medical and health care services of Shining Star Group will extend to whole China and further explore Southeast Asian countries. 

Meanwhile, Chairman Yan also revealed the new projects and business fields, such as a high-level complex project going to start business in Yangon of Myanmar this October; in May 2019, a large cultural tourism project will open to public; by the end of 2019, the first car will get off the assembly line based on the cooperation with BAIC; and in 2020, another large culture complex will open for business. 

After a short launching ceremony, the background of the stage opened slowly with a good implied meaning of "commence the business auspiciously". Under the lead of guests, all participants went to Inkyness Maternity Hospital and drew a full stop for the opening ceremony. 

It is reported that there was huge discount on the opening day with favorable confinement care packages and antepartum examination packages for customers. Kunming Inkyness Maternity Hospital is the first hospital with a positioning of high and middle level maternity hospital. Deep rooted in New Asia Athletics Park, the hospital is dedicated to protect the safety of mother and baby by providing professional maternity services, medical-grade confinement care centre and post-parturition recovery services. 

The opening ceremony drew the attention of and reported by of Kunming TV Station, Yunnan International TV Channel,,, Netease News,, and so on. Kunming TV Station, Yunnan International TV Channel specially interviewed the Chairman of Shining Star Group, Mr. Yan Yu, and broadcasted the record of the ceremony on prime time. 

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